Virus Removal

When you are infected by a virus, or a Trojan horse, it shows most of the time a full page, with a scary message asking you to pay a ransom, and blocking any access to your computer.

At this stage, if your virus removal program didn’t protect you, our advice is to not trying to get rid of it by yourself. Things could go worse and make the problem more difficult to treat, not mentioning the considerable amount time you’re going to spend online trying fixes that don’t work. When it comes to Virus Removal, the best thing is to call for professional help.

Laptop Repair North London is equipped with the reliable tools and methods to attack and eradicate these problems, while keeping your data safe.

You can drop us your laptop or we can come to your place and get rid of the virus while you wait. The Virus Removal process takes usually 1 hour.

To prevent a virus or Trojan horse infection, and other major annoyances such as spywares, phishing websites, key loggers trying to get access to your passwords, monitoring your activity, destroying your data or stealing your identity, it is crucial to use a good internet security solution , and even more important, having a responsible behavior when surfing the internet.

When we are satisfied there are no more traces of liquid spillage, we will put the battery back into the laptop and attempt to start it.

Simple examples:

  1. Avoid or be cautious while visiting games and gambling websites.
  2. Avoid or be cautious while visiting free music or video download websites.
  3. Avoid or be cautious while visiting adult websites
  4. Avoid or be cautious while visiting and downloading free miracle tools that will "tidy and speed up your laptop"

Generally be suspicious about anything free on the internet.

If you choose to visit some of the above, get information about them first. it’s generally easy to find people talking about their experience.

Be cautious on emails you receive, be sure that they are genuine. if you don’t know the sender, don’t open or at least do not click anything in it.

If it's an email from your bank, triple check the sender address. It should be “” and not for ex: “” Be aware that your Online banking page may have been copied by a hacker, and when filling the login form, you are giving away your username and password to some criminals…

So if you have to log on your account, do it by your usual way, not within an email you received

Keep your internet security program up to date, and prefer a paying solution, that will provide more coverage than a free program, generally limited to virus detection, ignoring Trojan threats, spam, identity stealth or browser protection.

Laptech Solutions recommends K7, Quick heal, Kaspersky for efficient protection and virus removal. This Package always scores at the top of comparison websites.

If you go for a free solution such as AVG or Avast, you may need to add more tools to be effectively protected. Bear in mind that some virus removal programs cannot run along with others, and create some conflicts preventing them to work properly or slowing down your system.

Please call us, we will be happy to help you choose the security level that suits you.

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