Software Restore

Is your PC running slow or are you worried that you may have malicious viruses or spyware on your PC?

We offer fast turnaround on all repairs on PC's and Laptops. This includes both hardware and software issues.

We can also reload your operating system for you so that your computer will be as good as when it came out of the box again, and if you don't have the installation discs, it's not a problem!

Wireless / internet problem:

We can advise and help you decide what is the most appropriate solution for your particular case. Please call us for any question regarding the installation or the extension of your wireless internet access and network

We will delicately clean all visible traces of liquid spillage on stained surfaces with rubbing alcohol and finally dry the computer again, combining compressed air and hot air blowing.

  1. Wireless internet not connected.
  2. Internet Connected but not able to browsing
  3. Error message: The connections are limited.

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