LCD Repair

1. Dull display:

If you can hardly see your picture, chances are the back light is gone and need to be replaced. It may be also an inverter problem. Fortunately, this issue tends to disappear as bulbs backlight and inverters are now replaced by LED.

2. Dead pixel on the screen:

Little dots of color, white or black sitting there at all times indicate dead pixels on your screen. Unfortunately, there is nothing to be done except replacing the screen. Manufacturers allow themselves some tolerances for dead pixels and may refuse to replace the screen under guarantee.

3. Lines and blocks:

If your laptop screen looks like the one on the left side, maybe flickering and displaying different patterns when you move it, it could be a bad connection but it is most certainly a faulty screen. Please call Laptop screen repair department to have it replaced.

4. Flickering Screen:

If your picture is flickering as soon as you move the lid or even when you do not touch it, that may indicate a faulty screen or a lose connection. We will try first to eliminate a potential cable or connector problem. If the flickering persists, then the screen is faulty and need to be replaced. Please call our Laptop screen repair department.

Laptop screens break easily. Sometimes by simply closing the lid on an object left on the keyboard, sometimes by applying a pressure on the laptop screen itself during manipulation or transport… Accidents happen and cracked screens are quite a common problem and an ordinary repair. Our Laptop screen repair service is dedicated to repair or replace quickly and efficiently broken (cracked) LCD screens at very competitive price. If you are in Chennai, we will replace seamlessly your laptop screen in less than 24 hours, with a brand new, exact replacement, 1 year warrantee screen for your laptop.

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